An Introduction to Float

Floatation Tank Sydney

Floatation Tank Therapy at Paramount:

No lock in Contracts or Memberships.

Private ensuite in your float room.

Easy online booking system.

Flexible payment options.

Flexible package options.

Flexible payment plans.

Ease of access from the city.

Plenty of street parking options.

Direct public transport from the city.

Our Float Tank can help with:

Improve your recovery time in sport and training.

Help with fighting fatigue within your training program.

Helps reduce muscular tension.

Improves general relaxation.

Helps manage stress.

Helps your body cope with and handle lack of sleep.

Improves mental stillness.

Assists with arthritic pain and discomfort.

You will have a great night sleep after your floatation therapy. You will wake up feeling refreshed the next day!

Floatation Therapy and Hygiene

Our Float room and tank in Rozelle, Sydney is maintained to the utmost levels of cleanliness and hygiene. We test the buoyancy, PH and alkalinity levels daily to ensure you have the best experience! There is a filter that completely filters all the water in the tank within about a 10 minute window of time ensuring each client has the best possible float session. All towels provided are completely fresh and clean. We also provide all Shampoos, conditioners, natural face wash, moisturiser, deodorants and make up remover to make your session more pleasant.

Ensure you make it to the finish line, let us help you!