Our Float Room

Our Float Room has been designed to be the sanctuary that everyone enjoying a floatation therapy session will desire. Kept away from the main entrance and reception area, it is soundproofed, is heated to an ambient 27 and with our float tanks water heated, inline to 34.7. These temps create the ideal floating experience designed to let you slip effortlessly away into deep relaxation.

Our float room comes equipped with:

Private float tank

Private Ensuite with shower and toilet

Fresh face towel and acoustic ear plugs

Non slip floor mat – to ensure maximal safety upon exiting the float tank

Fresh bathmats & towels

Shampoo & Conditioner

Mens & Women’s face wash and moisturiser

Body wash

Makeup Remover


Hairdryer & hair brush

Music options whilst you float (optional – or you can bring your own loaded onto an iPhone/pod or other electronic device – not a CD)

Soft lighting

Room heated to 27 for ambient floating

Bathroom heating

Sound & Vibration considerations:

We know life can be busy and hectic which is why floatation therapy is such an attractive escape for many people to really recharge. For clients after a complete sensory isolation experience you have come to the right place! Our float tank is not only Australian made but is also one of the best sensory isolation tanks on the market:

  • The Apollo eliminates all external light when completely closed up, even with all the lights left on!
  • The Apollo maintains consistent water temperature whilst floating due to its inline heating (This is unlike the dream pod which has a variation in water temperature whilst floating)
  • The Apollo has specifically placed ventilation panels (that do not penetrate light) for optimal internal air control.

We have taken get care in sourcing the best acoustic panels to soundproof our room & ceiling as well as purchasing specialist anti vibration pads that sit under the float tank minimising any vibrational transferrance.

Regular floaters know what a powerful experience isolation can be, however it is not the be all and end all of floating and even with some light and music playing you can definitely experience deep relaxation and glean all the physical health benefits floatation has to offer.

Ensure you make it to the finish line, let us help you!