Our Float tank can be thought of as being a giant private bath tub, with approximately 30 cm of water and 350kgs of Epsom Salts.

The concentration of salt makes the float tank more buoyant than the dead sea, meaning you float effortlessely.

Water is heated to 35 degrees, which means you can easily loose track of where your body ends and where the water begins.

If you choose, you can experience your float with light and music playing or for the ultimate relaxation you can have complete sensory isolation.

Whilst floating, you are not fighting gravity or taking in external stimuli which enables your body and mind to be completely still, de stress & heal.

Floatation Tank Benefits

Floatation therapy has many benefits to offer people using it. It has been used widely for recovery within Olympic Sports to help the body and mind recover with some of Australia’s top Olympians, athletes and their coaches using our float tank here in Rozelle! Floatation therapy, however is not solely beneficial for athletes but also for the everyday person and has been around since the 1950’s.

Natural Mediation

#Natural Mediation

Get zen with sensory isolation. Floating is a great way to fast track you into a meditative state to then reap the rewards of stimulating alpha waves.

Manage stress

#Manage stress

Quiet, warm, no distractions. This time out, that quietens the mind and strengthens the body is a sure fire way to curb stress.

Encourage relaxation

#Encourage relaxation

Floating removes pressure from your body, nourishes with muscle relaxing magnesium, quietens your mind and is backed by research to lower blood pressure! Use regularly as part of your relaxation strategy and zen living!

Boost mental Clarity

#Boost mental Clarity

Remove all the clutter with purposeful mindfulness, combined with decreased muscular tension and stress relief, keeps you cool, calm and clear!

Manage pain and discomfort

#Manage pain and discomfort

Floating is packed full of epsom salts which is magnesium (muscle relaxant) and sulphate (protein builder for your joints), this makes it a fantastic way to nourish the body and assist with easing it out of pain and discomfort. Combine with a massage for optimal results

Reduce fatigue

#Reduce fatigue

One hour floating has been likened to several hours solid deep sleep. What better way to harvest your energy then allowing yourself to experience and absorb the ultimate relaxation benefits that will rebuild your energy.

Supercharge your recovery

#Supercharge your recovery

Recovery is the relaxation for all athletes, help rebuild your body, calm your mind, feed your muscles full of magnesium and come out on top!

Revitalise tired and aching muscles

#Revitalise tired and aching muscles

Feed your muscles magnesium, easily absorbed by floating in warm water. Assist them by removing all pressure and gravitational forces for the ultimate revitalisation.

Reduce muscular tension

#Reduce muscular tension

See an immediate noticeable tension decrease in your muscular tension as floating primes your muscles. Combine with a massage or follow up with yoga for the ultimate way to reduce tension

Minimise pressure during pregnancy

#Minimise pressure during pregnancy

An unparalleled relaxation experience, that reduces the pressure of your pregnancy by giving you a safe anti gravity experience. With warm water, and no chance of overheating, the only problem you will experience floating is waking up at the end!

Ensure you make it to the finish line, let us help you!