Frequently Asked Questions about Floatation Therapy:

How many float tanks do you have?

At present we have just one.

I want to come with my friend.

Perfect! We can easily book you in one after the other, or if you wish to have a session concurrently the best way to do it, is book in for a float and massage package and that way we can tee up your experience together.

I want to float with my friend.

Unfortunately that is not recommended. Whilst the tank may be big enough, floating really is a personal experience best had on its own, to ensure maximal benefits for you.

Can I float whilst pregnant?

Absolutely! It is the only experience that will allow you an anti gravity effect to really take the pressure of the baby off your joints.

Is this a real isolation tank?

Yes it is. The Apollo system offers complete sensory isolation, however it is an optional feature, if you would like to experience the benefits of floating without the isolation you can do that.

If it is a real isolation tank how can I breathe in there?

The Apollo tank has in built ventilation that does allow the air to circulate however it is designed in such a way that it won’t take away form a client wishing to experience complete sensory isolation.

I’m a little claustrophobic

No problems. Many of our clients are, the beauty of the apollo float tank is that you control from the inside just how enclosed you want to be. To whichever level you take the door you can rest assured that you will still have a good floatation experience. There is also a light on inside that we can have on for you or you can choose to let the rooms ambient light shine through with the float door a little ajar. If you would like to know more, just give us a call and we can chat to you further about how best we can make you comfortable.

How much salt is in the tank?

350kgs! The water depth is about 30cm, which makes the solution more buoyant than in the dead sea

Are you sure I will actually float? I normally sink

Yes you will definitely float and better yet it will be entirely effortless, the tank does it all for you!

Is it hygienic?

Yes! The salinity of the tank really stops anything from growing, but just to be sure we maintain and check daily the PH, Alkalinity and bromine levels. The water is also filtered between every client.

How often do you change the water?

The tank is filtered with a pump system much like a swimming pool. As the pump is very large the water filters in about 10-13 mins. Between every appointment the filter will run and it runs over night every night as well.

What are your prices?

  • 1hr Float is $65
  • 2.25hr Float is $120 (avail mon-fri)*
  • 3pk is $150 ($50 p float)
  • 5pk is $225 ($45 p float)
  • 10 pk is $400 ($40 p float)

You can pay by cash, credit or eftpos.

These prices are subject to change without notice. We want you to ensure you use all your floats so we don’t have an expiry period on them, however the packages are only to be used by the intended individual, not shared around.

*Not recommended for first time floaters.

How long are your sessions?

With an 1hour float you have an additional 15 minutes of shower time included in your session. This means you will need to shower and get dressed in that time in order for us to change over the float room so the next person can float. We ask your courtesy in keeping to this time, being mindful that by taking longer you are impacting on our next floatation and Massage clients. If 15 minutes is not long enough please do let us know and we can wake you up a few minutes early to ensure the day runs on time.

Do you offer extended float sessions?

Yes we do however only Monday to Friday. Please give us a call to discuss further. Please note that extended float sessions are not recommended for first time floaters.

How does a float fit in with my sport?

The benefit of floating, unlike a massage is that timing of floating really isn’t an issue, and it cannot be done too soon or too late in conjunction with your activities. You can compete for example and then float immediately after.

Is floating relaxing?

Absolutely. It also gets better the more you float.

I couldn’t switch my mind off in my first float session.

Thats ok. Floating is such a different experience that the first session is a bit of a novelty whilst you get used to the sensation and figure out what is comfortable for you. In your second float you will have figured all that out and will know what to expect, and in your third you will be right in the zone! We recommend having 3 floatation experiences fairly close together to really get the full benefits of floating. This experience really helps you get to a point where switching your mind off is easy.

How often should I float?

That is entirely up to you and your personal needs. We can help tailor a plan for you and discuss different timing options to suit your needs.

What if I fall asleep?

Great! You obviously needed it. There is no trouble in falling asleep, we will wake you when the session is over.

Do I need to bring anything?

No – we have everything you will need. If however you have special shampoos or conditioners for coloured hair you are welcome to bring them. If you have a preference for a certain kind of music, you can bring that too but we have music options available.

Anything I shouldn’t do before I float?

Don’t drink a large cup of coffee immediately before floating
Don’t shave or wax 24hrs before your float (your skin will be irritated and may sting)

Do I need to book in advance?

If you wish to come on the weekend or a prime time week day spot (after work) then yes it is recommended that you book ahead.

Can I book online?

Yes you can, our website offers an online booking request system where you can select your preferred time and we will confirm it with an email.

Why should I float?

Floating is the most relaxing experience one can have. You should float because:

  • It will help you relax
  • It assists with joint discomfort and muscular pain/heaviness often experienced  within intense training blocks
  • Helps you learn/develop meditation skills
  • Boosts energy levels if you are fatigued and not sleeping well
  • Releases muscular tension with the large amount of magnesium present in the solution
  • It offers an environment where you can just be yourself, allowing you to regroup and re center without all the noise of life.
Ensure you make it to the finish line, let us help you!