Apollo Float tank:

Anti Vibration pad to minimise vibrational transference for the floater

Inline heating – heating the water from within the tank to maintain a constant temperature of 35 degrees in the water.

Internal handles – the sliding door function on the tank allows floaters the control of their floatation experience. Sensory isolation is just one element that floatation has to offer and anyone who is a little bit claustrophobic does not have to have the door to the tank completely shut.

Internal LED light functionality. The floater again has internal control of their floatation experience, being able to operate themselves the internal light if they wish. Keeping the float door a little ajar or operating the light are all ways the first time or novice floater can customise their float experience.

Internal Volume control functionality. If you would prefer to float to music, stream your radio or listen to guided meditations you can do that, the volume control allows you to adjust your musical experience to the desired level if we don’t get it right or turn it off completely whilst floating.

Built in filtration system. The pump completely filters the float water in 12 -13 minutes between client sessions ensuring maximum hygiene for each client.

paramount float tank

The Apollo Float tank is the only tank designed and manufactured in Australia!

It is the only float tank on the worldwide market that can claim it offers a true isolation experience. With all the lights on, you can place yourself into the tank, with the door shut and it will be dark for you!

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