How Massage can help you?

Massage involves the direct application of specific contacts to the tissues in order to create a desired change. The tissues targeted are the muscles, but also the fascia, ligaments, skin and the peripheral nervous system. The often desired change is to decrease obvious muscular tension and its associated pain, free up restrictive fascia, affect posture and improve joint range of motion.

There are many different massage techniques used in different applications ranging from visceral manipulation to trigger point therapy, dry needling and deep tissue massage. The clinical benefits of massaging are brought about by increasing the circulation of the area being massaged, increasing the temperature through friction and pressure and also increasing the drainage of the area. It is also believed to block pain perception (nociception) cause the release of serotonin and endorphins (feel good neurotransmitters) and break down scar tissue.

Benefits of Massage Rozelle

Feel Better Longer

#Feel Better Longer

Regular massage assists with keeping your body, loose, limber and feeling great!

Manage stress

#Manage stress

Relaxing the muscles through positive feel good signals has a positive effect on reducing stress.

Improve Recovery times

#Improve Recovery times

Recovery is the best relaxation for all athletes, rebuild your body, flush toxins, release adhesions and calm your mind.

Relieve Pain and Discomfort

#Relieve Pain and Discomfort

Release painful knots and areas of tension that insist on causing ongoing pain.

Complimentary with other therapies

#Complimentary with other therapies

Massage is a fantastic adjunct to any physio/chiro or osteo treatment you are receiving, a good compliment that will benefit and help you recover quicker.



Take an hour just for yourself to do something good for yourself! Need we say more?

Improve Flexibility

#Improve Flexibility

Massage breaks down adhesions and long term tension, that combined with regular stretching will improve your flexibility.

Decrease Tension

#Decrease Tension

- long term tension alters posture and contributes to chronic discomfort. Massage teaches the muscles to be strong and loose at the same time.

Reduce muscular tension

#Reduce muscular tightness

See an immediate noticeable tension decrease in your muscular tension as floating primes your muscles. Combine with a massage or follow up with yoga for the ultimate way to reduce tension

Pregnancy Massage Sydney

#Minimise pressure during pregnancy

An unparalleled relaxation experience, that reduces the pressure of your pregnancy by giving you a safe anti gravity experience. With warm water, and no chance of overheating, the only problem you will experience floating is waking up at the end!

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