Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue (DTM), contrary to popular belief is not about getting a very hard massage. True DTM is all about the depth and the layers of muscle that you work and most importantly the speed with which you treat the tissue. As a very general rule, the faster the massage techniques and strokes are applied the more superficial the massage will be.

Whilst a certain amount of pressure does need to be applied, it is just as much about the therapists ability to sink through the layers and transfer that pressure beneath the most superficial muscles.

The greatest change to a persons chronic tension and pain comes from working out the deepest and often most fibrous layers of tension. It can take a few sessions to get to the stage of doing a true DTM depending on the level of tension present.

To assist you with the best results

Have a float before your Massage. We consistently find that when clients float before a treatment, we can then get so much more out of their sessions as the first few layers of tension have been eased.

Have a good stretch before your Massage – Be it in a yoga class or just on your own as it relaxes the body. The act of stretching loosens up your muscle fibres making them easier to work.

Drink Water & take Magnesium as a supplement- This helps keep your muscles hydrated & more pliable.  Dehydration is often a large cause of tension and discomfort in the body.

Request Dry Needling as part of your massage. This will break down the superficial tension, making it easier and more effective for use to further get a release from truly tight spots.

Post Event Massage

A potential of accumulated months of training have well and truly paid off on your big day, you have smashed out your best effort yet! …And now your sore!

Post event Massage helps move on lactic acid, helps the body aid in recovery, promote health, breaks down adhesions built up during the event and in some people may assist in any delayed onset of muscle soreness

After a large endurance such as an ironman event we recommend waiting at least 3 days before getting in a full massage. This is when we consistently find we get the best results, If your competing in a marathon or a distance shorter, next day massage is fine

Strength athletes are fine to be massaged the day after their event.

Ensure you make it to the finish line, let us help you!