Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a modified version of Remedial Massage that is purposefully tailored towards encouraging the athlete into their optimal state for continued and ongoing athletic performance.

Regular massage has been shown to assist with:

Increased flexibility

Decreased pain and adhesion breakdown

Encourage recovery & fight fatigue

Reduce natural tension build up

relax the body and nervous system

assist with minimising cramping

Training Management

Training Management

Are you a weekend warrior, self confessed gym junkie or dedicated triathlete? Whatever your sport and program of choice, we have you covered!

Our team can assist you with your massage needs during your training periods.

  • iron out the kings as they come up, before they become an issue
  • harness the body awareness that develops during massage – let that be your competitive advantage
  • develop body symmetry
  • free up fascial tension to assist with muscle development and growth
  • facilitate recovery by placing sessions in taper weeks or after big training sessions.
training management

Training Management Massage is best suited to all sports and activity.

Pre  Event Sports Massage

Endurance Athletes

Endurance Athletes

Massage can assist you throughout your training program block and for best strategic results, utilise massage during taper periods and in between your biggest training sets.

Regular treatment will help keep adhesions at bay, assist you with pre-empting any potential injury and providing the much-needed recovery during big blocks of endurance training.

Body Builders and Fitness

Body Builders and Fitness

It is a strategic advantage to utilise massage as part of your prep for competition. This will help you release muscles and fascia to achieve a balanced package on stage & increase blood flow for a better pump. Posing will be more fluid and Massage will help you with the symmetry judges are looking for.

The beginning of peak week is your best time to achieve this as training is less intense and as you are cutting water, massage will help further flush toxins.

Crossfit athletes

Crossfit athletes

With the physically exertive demands placed upon strength and highly intensive work outs utilising massage throughout your training is a must, to ensure the muscles remain free from trigger points and adhesions and can continue to recruit and fire explosively.

Leading into competition, massage at the start of your tapering period is ideal as you have a few additional days of recovery before your event.

Post Event Massage

A potential of accumulated months of training have well and truly paid off on your big day, you have smashed out your best effort yet! …And now your sore!

Post event Massage helps move on lactic acid, helps the body aid in recovery, breaks down adhesions built up during the event and in some people may assist in any delayed onset of muscle soreness

After a large endurance such as an ironman event we recommend waiting at least 3 days before getting in a full massage. This is when we consistently find we get the best results, If your competing in a marathon or a distance shorter, next day massage is fine

Strength athletes are fine to be massaged the day after their event.

Ensure you make it to the finish line, let us help you!