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Brett Edmunds

Sports Chiropractic

Brett has over 15 years experience in Sports Chiropractic. Having studied and qualified in South Africa, he was initially drawn to Chiropractic due to the personal benefit he experienced with his own chronic sporting injuries.

Working in a sports clinic back in South Africa exposed Brett to many of the countries elite athletes. Working with a range spanning professional Union players to Ballerinas kept him on his toes. The sports clinic also exposed Brett to many senior and experienced practitioners including other Chiropractors and Orthopaedic Surgeons, all willing to work together and share their experience and knowledge.

Consequently Brett now has the skills that allow him to work with all kinds of sporting injuries. He can assess, diagnose and treat along with advising you about training modification whilst going through the treatment plan. He brings a lot of other things to the Chiropractic table such as soft tissue work, dry needling, stretching, Muscle Energy techniques, strapping and kinesiotaping. Later this year he plans to start the journey into A. R. T.

He is available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Chris Cattell - Sports Chiropractor

Chris Cattell

Sports Chiropractic
Growing up with a passion for sports, particularly rugby union, and being part of various other sporting teams, Chris was surrounded by all sorts of injuries and practitioners who cared for them. After being involved in the management of these injuries it wasn’t long before he took an interest in the mechanics of the human body and injury management. Having recently completed His Masters of Chiropractic, this interest has never stopped.

Over the past year Chris has had the opportunity to work with sporting teams in various codes such as AFL, Rugby Union and Rugby League, and has assisted in the treatment of Triathletes and Cyclists. From this he was exposed to a vast range of different injuries that only furthered his experience and knowledge.

While studying at university, he developed a special interest in functional movement and rehabilitation. Now with Studies complete he expects to further his knowledge and training in this area.

Chris’ approach to treatment is multi-modal and includes chiropractic manipulation; joint mobilisation, soft tissue release and stretching, musculoskeletal dry needling, strapping and kinesio-taping

He is available Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Our Massage Therapist Sydney Team

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Anna Kolomycki

Massage Therapist

Anna Kolomycki is a highly trained and sought after soft tissue therapist, skilled not only in Remedial and Sports massage but also in Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial release.

Anna Kolomycki is a highly trained and sought after soft tissue therapist, skilled not only in Remedial and Sports massage but also in Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial release.

More recently Anna has expanded her skill set to include Myofascial dry needling and Visceral Manipulation. She combines all these techniques along with her excellent understanding of how the body works and moves in order to work with and help her clients with the various ailments that are presented on a daily basis. Anna enjoys working on and has great success with problem specific chronic cases. Anna enjoys working on necks, TMJ and shoulders as well as the challenges that present themselves with the host of athletes that she looks after. No challenge is too great!

Anna Kolomycki has also previously lectured in Massage at Endeavour College, FIA Fit Nation and Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT). Anna is continually learning and developing her skills and knowledge in order to provide the best and most up to date quality care available.

A note from Anna – “Providing a quality, thorough massage (not for the faint hearted) that provides lasting long term results for my clients is above all what keeps me motivated and inspired in this line of work”

She is available Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Jo Goh

Massage Therapist

Jo is an internationally accredited Sports Massage Therapist, qualified also within Australia. She is a highly skilled therapist, excelling in Sports with a passion for Remedial Massage & Trigger point therapy.

Jo brings to our team a keen drive for Deep Tissue Massage, utilising skills in active Release, Myofascial Release, mobilisations & trigger point therapy. She actively works with her clients recommending corrective exercise to improve movement and postural imbalances.

Her experience and clientele boas Olympians, triathletes, marathon and ultra distance runners, cyclists, PT’s, professional muscisions and pregnant women. You name it, shes covered it!

Jo is available Thursdays & Saturdays.

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Victoria Barton

Massage Therapist

Victoria brings to the table an incredible touch and level of precision that is hard to find. With finely tuned hands, no task is too great to assist clients in providing relief and a quality Remedial Massage.

Victoria is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist & Pilates Instructor. She weaves her skills and knowledge of body therapy and body movement together to create a tapestry honed towards improving wellbeing. She specialises in working with sporting injuries, chronic pain and takes a special interest in postural related conditions pertaining to the low and mid back as well as shoulder issues.

Victorias approach within her sessions is slow and precise, having trained in deep tissue, trigger point and rehabilitation massage. Her goal is to alleviate symptoms with a thorough approach intended to restore comfort and ease to the body so the client can return to an active and pain free lifestyle.

Victoria tailors each session to the individual, taking into consideration their goals and outcomes whilst focussing on compassionate quality care.

Vic is presently on leave whilst she completes her Pilates Teacher training intensive. We look forward to welcoming her back on board again soon.

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