What is Sports Chiropractic?

We at Paramount Sports Recovery blends the best of the primary health care fields by bringing together both Chiropractic skills and Physiotherapy philosophy to bring you a very specific, results centred treatment. You will be orthopaedically assessed and neurologically tested to determine the nature of your injury. We will also look at your Range of motion, strength and biomechanics to determine any faulty movement patterns contributing to the injury.

Our treatment involves soft tissue release (myofascial dry needling, grip and rip, PNF stretching and Active Release Technique), Kinesiotaping, mobilising and adjusting where necessary. A wide variety of sports injuries and chronic issues are treated outside of normal spinal care. In fact we pride ourselves on being the primary health practitioners for many athletes and weekend warriors.

Benefits of Sports Chiro:

You get told your expected recovery time, rate and when you can get back into sport in the first session

When you can train you get advised at what max rate and strength, at what times to ensure no re injury and to complement your rehabilitation

Gets results for complex injuries where others have not

HICAPS terminal available so you get your rebate on the spot

Fully qualified, highly experienced practitioner

Professional and Friendly service.

Our Chiropractic services treat:

Shin splints

Plantar Fasciitis


Rotator Cuff Injuries

All Knee problems (patella tendinitis, ACL tears, tracking problems)

Low Back Pain

Dislocated Shoulder rehabilitation

Biceptial Tendinitis

Epicondylitis (golfers/tennis elbow)

Carpal Tunnel

Tension Headaches and more.

Meet our Chiropractors

Brett Edmunds


Chris Cattell

Ensure you make it to the finish line, let us help you!