Spinal care

Your spine is designed to be in a certain anatomical position which lends itself to good posture and optimal mechanics of the body. When in this good posture your body is likely to be working at its most efficient.

Both your cervical and lumbar spines are designed to be lordotic and your thorax balances this out by being kyphotic. The spine should run straight down your back and not be skewed to the left or right, (known as a Scoliosis).

How spinal injury happens

Where these natural curves are either exaggerated or minimised, your spine moves out of its optimal posture and this can lead to injury.Working life and poor postural influences can lead to vertebral segments that either have limited mobility or are hyper mobile. Once again moving away from the optimal position can lead to problems.Chiropractic care is designed to ensure that your spines alignment is as good and mobile as it can be. There is much more to Chiropractic than just whacking and cracking backs, we focus on your recovery with lots of active release work, joint mobility work and muscle management to give you a complete and thorough treatment.

Assessment – The most up to date methods

We use the latest neuromuscular assessment tools to help us form a complete picture of the structures involved in your injury

Orthopaedic assessment

Neural Testing

Range of Motion testing

Muscle testing

Functional movement assessment

Diagnosis – Expert Diagnostics!

The results gleaned from our comprehensive assessment will lead us to diagnosing your injury and then formulating a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and return to work requirements. We will tell you exactly what is wrong and how we can fix it!

Treatment – All evidence based.

We use a variety of the latest skills and techniques within our treatment plan to get you fighting fit in no time.

Myofascial dry needling

low force adjustments

Joint mobilisation

PNF stretching

Active Release technique

Exercise rehabilitation

You can rest assured that every session will include a reassessment of your progress, discussion on how you have been going, hands on treatment and any required modification advice.

Return to Activity/Play

You will be returning to activity under our guidance and care, where we can monitor your progress and offer any necessary modifications required to keep you pain free.

Once you are on the straight and narrow you can utilise our services on an as needed basis to ensure that you are performing at you best.

No unnecessary ongoing sessions. You just monitor your body and pop in as needed.

Ensure you make it to the finish line, let us help you!