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19 Jul Tips to Avoid a Sports Injury

Most sports injuries take place because people fail to warm-up sufficiently, before starting on any strenuous activity. In addition to that, sports injuries could also be caused by insufficient safety precautions & excessive strain. Professional athletes are more susceptible to sports injuries; this is because intense training can make specific muscles more prone to stress.

It’s not really possible to prevent injuries all the time as physical and sports activities are unpredictable in nature. However, it’s possible to take some precautionary measures to reduce the likelihood of an injury taking place. Here are some steps you can take to prevent a sports injury:

Warm Up

This is probably the most important ways of reducing the chances of an injury while participating in any sport. A warm-up session should typically last for a minimum of 5-10 minutes; it would involve exercising and stretching the muscles and preparing them for the more strenuous activity that is to follow. The warm up should be started slowly and then built-up to a more energetic and brisk pace.

This type of a warm up improves the flow of blood to the muscles, increases muscle fibre flexibility and reduces the risk of straining or pulling a muscle to a great degree. The ideal warm up exercises include jogging and walking. These types of exercises give you the scope to slowly increase your pace, which helps you prepare your body for more strenuous exercises.

Once you have warmed up, you should then start out on some gentle exercises. These help lengthen the tendons and muscles which further prevents injury. You should focus on stretching the muscles that will be specifically used in the course of the exercise.

Appropriate protective equipment should be used

It’s important to use protective equipment for certain sports as that helps prevent injury too. This is more relevant when the activity or sport involves physical contact with other participants or players. This equipment might include protective head gear, boxing gloves or shin pads such as the ones used in hockey or football.

All this protective gear is specifically designed to prevent injury to the different parts of your body. It’s also very important that you wear the right type of footwear while playing any sport. Doing this helps provide your ankle and foot the right amount of support. Protective headgear is important as well, as a helmet protects the brain & skull from injury. This is crucial in contact sports in which there could be impact to the head.

The right technique

A number of sports require a certain technique that helps minimise injury risk. Every sport involves the use of certain techniques and following these is extremely important as it helps reduce injury to bones, tendons and muscles. In fact, this is also important when you are working out in the gym where there are trainers on hand that can help you use the equipment effectively and safely.

In addition to all these things it’s important that you know what your physical limitations are, and stay within those. Whenever you are starting with any new sport, it’s crucial that you start slowly, and avoid straining and pulling your muscles. Keep yourself well hydrated when you are participating in any sport or physical activity and ensure that you cool down post your workout too. This helps your muscles revive in a steady manner from all the physical activity you have been involved in.

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